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I provide program evaluation services for long-term engagement (e.g., grant work) or consultation services for more focused activities (e.g., workshops, trainings, planning time). More details about my services are provided below to give you an idea of how empowered can support you. Please contact me for more details.

You need someone who can...

Support a team meeting, workshop, or event with facilitation.

We all love events where we leave feeling energized and productive. Planning for these types of events can take a lot of time and effort. I can support you through the planning process to help you tailor the structure of your event to your desired outcomes. Let me help you choose the right activity or establish conversation guidelines to ensure your event runs smoothly. If desired, I can facilitate your event in person, enabling you to focus on participating in the event and interacting with others.

Support the development, implementation, and evaluation of your research proposal.

Projects can be strengthened with an effective program evaluation component. Program evaluation activities include providing evidence of the project's progress, as well as recommendations for moving forward. Program evaluation typically consists of an annual site visit, check-in meetings when needed, and formative and summative evaluation reports that can be used by the project team. 

Support a change effort.

Change is hard! It is more approachable when you have a logic model that guides your change effort. I can help you develop a logic model or theory of change for your project, supported by existing theories. This process will help you to articulate the assumptions you and your team may be making and to identify the anticipated outcomes from the change project. The resulting logic model or theory of change can support identifying next steps for the change initiative and research. 

Intentionally build your team’s culture.

Some teams you enjoy working with more than others. Why is that? I can help you build your team's culture through engaging practices that encourage equity and reflection. Having an established, positive culture helps teams make it through challenges, and I can provide teams with the skills they need to be responsive rather than reactive when challenging situations arise.

Communicate science to a broader audience.

You are an expert, but you need to explain your research to an audience who may not have even heard of your field. I can help you craft materials to share your project with others so they can get excited about it, too!

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