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Collaborators and projects


Dr. Marcelle Siegel

The THRIVE project seeks to disrupt existing conditions at Missouri University to create an environment where students thrive. As a consultant for the THRIVE project, I am working with team members to analyze data and disseminate findings related to Faculty Learning Communities and the student experience at MU. Additionally, I am investigating inclusive practices in higher education and how they are evaluated.

Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Alliance (IDEA)

American Physical Society

APS-IDEA is establishing a community of transformation to support physics laboratories, departments, and other organizations in enacting strategies to improve inclusion, diversity, and equity in physics. For APS-IDEA, I have given workshops on how to use the Departmental Action Team  (DAT) model for change and how to use the Change Dashboard to plan change efforts. Currently, I am a facilitator for an online learning community comprised of a group of universities participating in the alliance.


Dr. Stephanie Chasteen

I have worked with Dr. Stephanie Chasteen on preparing quantitative survey data for the Effective Practices in Physics Program (EP3). I have also contributed to projects related to institutional transformation.


Dr. Angelicque Blackmon Tucker

On behalf of the ILC, I have conducted site visits and interviews for program evaluation. These data contributed to formative and summative reports for the programs, which focus on improving undergraduate education.

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