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Here are a few examples of my current partnerships and projects.

Facilitation Guild

The Facilitation Guild is a group of like-minded facilitators who have come together to collaborate, engage in personal and professional development, and support each other. We have produced workshops and a paper about facilitation, with another paper forthcoming!

Roundtable on Systemic Change in Undergraduate STEM Education

This National Academy of Sciences Roundtable brings together stakeholders with many diverse experiences and roles in higher education to leverage this expertise into reforming higher education. In this Roundtable, I am part of the subgroup working to develop resources for utilizing institutional data to inform change. Stay tuned for our upcoming paper!

Facilitator for Equity Labs

Equity Labs has developed workshops and services to help organizations become more equitable and inclusive. They partner with groups large and small and customize the experience to meet their clients' needs.  I serve as a facilitator for Equity Labs and enjoy helping groups improve their workplace.

Prior Work

Collaborators and projects


Dr. Marcelle Siegel

The THRIVE project seeks to disrupt existing conditions at Missouri University to create an environment where students thrive. As a consultant for the THRIVE project, I worked with team members to analyze data and disseminate findings related to Faculty Learning Communities and the student experience at MU. See our chapter in the Handbook of STEM Faculty Development for more information.

Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Alliance (IDEA)

American Physical Society

APS-IDEA is establishing a community of transformation to support physics laboratories, departments, and other organizations in enacting strategies to improve inclusion, diversity, and equity in physics. For APS-IDEA, I have given workshops on how to use the Departmental Action Team  (DAT) model for change and how to use the Change Dashboard to plan change efforts. I also served as a facilitator for an online learning community comprised of a group of universities participating in the alliance.


Dr. Stephanie Chasteen

I have worked with Dr. Stephanie Chasteen on preparing quantitative survey data for the Effective Practices in Physics Program (EP3). I have also contributed to projects related to institutional transformation.


Dr. Angelicque Blackmon Tucker

On behalf of the ILC, I have conducted site visits and interviews for program evaluation. These data contributed to formative and summative reports for the programs, which focus on improving undergraduate education.

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